What is Etegami?

Etegami is a painted letter that communicates with people in your life
how you feel at a particular moment.
In Etegami, you combine a painting on any theme with a few words
that naturally emerge from your heart.  
The rules are simple: facing a piece of Japanese paper,
you concentrate your mind
 into the tip of an inked brush, draw contours and add colour and words
that are easy to read and understand.
Then write an address and mail it out.
Similar to a focused moment of performing on stage,
 there is no second chance in Etegami because you don’t make a draft.
 Ink may ooze out and lines may get blurred... anything goes!
It’s OK to be unskilled, and in fact, poor skill with a sincere effort
is valued in Etegami.
 It creates something profound, so profound that no one else can mimic it.
 This way, everyone can come up with his or her own style.
Etegami is a letter
that is naturally transformed into a piece of art with the feelings you put into it.
Can you see the smiling faces of the people who receive it?
Etegami is live, it is love, and life itself.


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